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Black Americans are treated like foreign refugees; equality between white and black Americans is one of the world’s greatest hoaxes. Following in the racist practices of Willie Lynch, America has a president that actually refuses to back down, willingly refuses to speak out against racist groups walking the streets of this country.

I understand the president’s reluctance to speak out against the people that supported him during his campaign. We had white groups walking the streets in Charlottesville, Virginia, right? Those white nationalists in Charlottesville were the uneducated ones. What are Americans going to do about those white nationalists, the Nazi’s, and the Ku Klux Klan in the White House and Congress?

We can see that most of today’s new laws are enacted with subtle racist motives. Today’s Stand Your Ground legislation equals the lynching of yesterday. What other choices do blacks have? Try to get a job at McDonald’s for $7.25 an hour, get murdered by police, who will not get indicted, or get life in prison for an ounce of crack.

President Trump said it best when he was campaigning, when he said to America’s black population, what have you got to lose? Trump and most of America are aware that racist legislators will continue to make laws that will keep the black men, women and children in prisons across America.

The war on drugs was a camouflage ruse to lock up over a half-million black men, women and kids. We are repeating history of the segregation days. Hate will not make America great again.

Larry Bell

Fort Madison, Iowa

Editor’s note: Bell is an Iowa Department of Corrections inmate