Very recently, I took my grandson to see the ducks and fish at Vander Veer Park.

I could not see any sunfish. Is the pond not stocked with them anymore?

It was so disgusting and unsanitary walking on the sidewalk and grass. The geese left their "droppings" all over the sidewalk and grass. We had to dodge all the droppings on the sidewalk. How unsanitary is that? Walking on the grass one could easily slip and fall, let alone getting all that stuff on your tennis shoes.

There are so many geese. Is there something we could do about that?

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It was supposed to be a nice outing with my grandson, but this sight was disgusting and unsanitary.

Geese are so very dirty. Is there something that we could do about them? The ducks are not so bad and children enjoy them. Geese can be very mean. Perhaps the Parks and Recreation Department can do something about this.

Tillie Savala


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