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In the Jan. 30 Quad-City Times, a "Letter to the Editor," totally mischaracterized the actions of students from Covington (Kentucky) Catholic school.

This group of students was awaiting buses near the Lincoln Memorial after attending a pro-life rally.

Nathan Phillips, "well-known Native American activist," self-proclaimed "tribal elder," and fake Vietnam veteran, was leading a small group of "indigenous people" near the Cov-Cath students.

Phillips, beating a drum, walked a distance, approaching these young students. Still drumming, he moved into the middle of them. He beat his drum right in one kid's face, and that student remained motionless, smiling. No physical contact was made by anyone.

This "incident" was unremarkable, except several of the students were wearing "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) hats. Parsed, out-of-context, video clips began flooding Twitter, positing a premise that these kids were racist bullies. The fake news media was happy to run the Twitterverse's version.

The only flaw? It's fiction.

Hours of video revealed the truth. The mainstream media walked back their reporting, albeit a day late. This information's available to the letter writer, but that wouldn't fit her narrative.

The real truth? It's all about the MAGA hats. If those students had been wearing plain ball caps, or the ever-popular pink pussycat hats, this "incident" would never have been publicized.

Imagine the story-line if Mr. Phillips drummed in Parkland survivor David Hogg's face after last summer's "March for our Lives" anti-gun rally. Phillips would be a common thug, not an aggrieved native.

This story is about Trump-hate. Nothing more.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.



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