William Grothus recent letter in this paper (May 21) says Democrats are "resistance experts." But since the Mueller report came out, Trump and the Republicans are the champions of resistance. Led by the attorney generals' false statements, Trump and the GOP now defy every subpoena from the House of Representatives. Congress wants to talk to the people that Robert Mueller talked to. It is true, most people will not read the 400-page report. Those who have read it, say it clearly indicates Trump obstructed justice — many times.

Trump believes he is above the law. He will not let his taxes be shown. Subpoenas be damned is his cry. Why is he so afraid of letting the public see his taxes? If he has nothing to hide, why is he stonewalling? Could it be he's received millions of dollars from Russia? Or has he been laundering money like his campaign manager, Paul Manafort? Maybe Trump wants his taxes concealed because he's not as rich as he says he is? Reports recently say he lost $1 billion from the middle-1980's to 1990's. 

Mueller's investigation sent many items to New York, Trump's home state. There will be inquiries up there also. In the meantime, with Mueller's direct instruction, Congress needs to investigate the 10 areas of obstruction he detailed. Congress has the constitutional right to investigate. Their duty is to proceed. Trump has ordered the subpoenas be ignored; he is breaking the law — again.

Helen Drain

Coal Valley

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