Letter: Trump's actions are impeachable

Letter: Trump's actions are impeachable


House impeachment hearings proved President Trump illegally withheld security assistance from Ukraine to coerce (extort) its illegal interference in our 2020 elections. He thus demanded a bribe.

All Trump's defenses have collapsed. Unquestionably credible witnesses established that the assistance would be released only when Ukraine announced an investigation into Trump's political opponent. His own Defense Department certified that Ukraine has adopted appropriate anti-corruption measures.

So Trump's henchmen plead that his plainly illegal actions are not impeachable because Ukraine's aid was restored after the scheme was exposed. Yet,  Watergate similarly failed but still merited Nixon's impeachment.

Worse than Watergate, Trump's bribery plot imperils national security. It encourages Russian aggression against our weakened ally, Ukraine, as did his craven betrayal of the Syrian Kurds.

Those betrayals further Trump's practice of benefitting Russia at American expense. He began by soliciting Russian interference in the 2016 election, then quickly followed by revealing highly-classified information — and intelligence sources — to the Russian ambassador. Later, he personally submitted to Putin in Helsinki, where he further undermined American intelligence services.

Rather than improve election security, Trump joined Putin to mock it. With his own election interference scheme exposed, he now servilely amplifies Russian disinformation accusing Ukraine of 2016 election interference, contradicting our national intelligence experts who flatly discredit it as another attack upon our ally to divert us from Putin's renewed attacks upon our electoral system.

Under such circumstances, Trump's bribery plot to create additional foreign interference is impeachable.

Tom Walsh



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