Being retired I get to do pretty much what I want to do. Lately, I've been binging on The West Wing television program.

It's a very good show that has continued to receive acclaim (75 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). Even though there have not been any new episodes in over 10 years the topics it focuses on continue to be relevant. The cast typically confronts an issue in each episode where topics are debated in an intelligent manner, presenting pros and cons. In the end a rational resolution is usually found, often a compromise. Afterward, at least in most instances, people do not act in a vindictive manner. They typically treat others with respect, even when having opposing views.

I think part of the reason for the success of this program is that it presents politicians and leadership as conforming to our idealized view of qualities for these roles. The president in this show surrounds himself with bright talented people who put a value on transparency and honesty.

My suggestion is that our current president could profit from squeezing in time to watch one episode a day, perhaps between golf and twittering. He might be able to see a healthy model to follow. Hopefully we would all profit.

W. David McEchron


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