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It is the sign of a deep neurosis that many of the same people who are ridiculously afraid of Russia meddling with U.S. citizens in an election are now in silent support of Trump and Republicans meddling in Venezuela. It is almost comically sinister for a country to be looking around frantically in order to stop the influence of Mexicans from the south and Russians from the east, while also supporting an insurgency within South America.

The one small positive sign is that the U.S. is at least being straightforward about its motives. Senator Marco Rubio has indicated that regime change in Venezuela would allow U.S. oil companies to make more money, which he believes would benefit the U.S. economy. This supposed economic benefit seems to be the deciding factor in the supposedly moral interventions around the world.

The percentage of people who support Maduro in Venezuela is probably at least the same as the percentage who support Trump in the U.S. If we believe it is justified for a foreign country to counteract that many people who support an elected leader, it would be justified for a foreign country to work to overthrow Trump in the U.S.

If that idea bothers you in any way, then the U.S. should get its hands off Venezuela.

Tadd Ruetenik


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