I believe the propensity for violence in America begins in early childhood with the words, "shut up." And when that child is raised in generational political poverty, middle class malaise or capitalistic entitlement, it increasingly grows people who are shaped by the nefarious business of television, movies, video games and the internet.

We are, as a people, experiencing the results. In Davenport, the infection festers due to naïve racism, often benign, but for the victims. I taught preschool for 40 years. I successfully raised a son to be a decent human being and he raised his son, a sheriff's deputy, to embrace the same. He considers himself a peace officer.

These American men were taught from infancy, through example and education, to be compassionate, thoughtful and always find the peace and possibilities in every situation. It is my life experience as a woman, a teacher, a neighbor, a friend. True history speaks to us. Europeans came to this land brandishing violence as a tool to acquire a land and new opportunities they did not earn fairly. Violence has been glorified, organized and profited by philistines. The NRA's self serving ignorance "is not bliss" for those victimized by their egos and greed.

Violence, American as apple pie, is glorified. It is time to step into the streets, as one decent people, speak up and save us from ourselves.

Genevieve Rafferty, Jr.


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