Letter: Vote for change

Letter: Vote for change


Chuck Grassley, Joni Ernst,and Kim Reynolds must go.

Sen. Grassley must check his facts regarding the economy. The recovery began under President Obama when his administration bailed out numerous effected entities. His policies ended the recession.

Grassley brags about helping the middle class; but the current tax laws will eventually be a detriment to the middle class and make the rich richer.

Ask farmers and Deere & Co. how economic conditions are working for them. China is not paying tariffs, the cost is being passed to the consumer.

Most companies are reinvesting their profits gained by tax cuts and incentives into stock buybacks, which only benefits them.

Gov. Reynolds is much the same. Where is our supposed economic surplus going? Certainly not to our crumbling infrastructure, or education. Sad.

Sen. Ernst, a veteran, supports President Trump, a man who abandoned our Kurdish allies in Syria, putting our troops in danger, leading to the deaths of thousands, including women and children.

Therefore, the gang of three support a president who believes it's fine to grope a woman as long as she's your type, makes fun of mentally disabled people, disparages all Hispanic immigrants, and disrespects a tortured war veteran (John McCain), because he was captured.

What are Republicans who support Trump afraid of? All the aforementioned comments are supported by independent, non-partisan sources; none of them are fake news.

This is not the country in which I grew up. Vote for change. Our future as the greatest nation is at stake.

Tim Armstrong



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