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Have you thought much about the upcoming 2018 election? Your Republican majority in the Iowa Legislature certainly has. They pushed through a bill that the Koch brothers-sponsored group ALEC wrote, which drastically changed the voting laws in Iowa.

Even though there has been no evidence of voter fraud in Iowa, the Legislature has made voting much more difficult for Iowans, especially if you are young, low income or elderly: groups who might vote for Democrats because Democrats work for good health care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and educational funding. All have been under attack from Republicans.

In spite of the Republican effort to keep you from voting on Nov. 6, it is vitally important that you do vote. It is not only your right to vote; it is your duty. Americans have died so you can vote. The candidates who win elections can make your life better or make it worse.

Our Iowa Legislature should be making it easier for people to vote. Only about half of eligible voters go to the polls. Many do not vote because they cannot leave their jobs. Why don’t they declare election day a state holiday? Or change voting day to the weekend? How about giving people a tax break if they vote? We need to get more people involved in a participatory democracy.

Now that they are demanding your driver’s license so you can vote, what will the Republicans do next? Establish checkpoints for you to go through before you can go to Illinois or Minnesota? 

The Republicans might want a more authoritarian regime, but the majority of Americans would not.

Marilyn Schroeder