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We have never been more politically and socially divided. Elections have never had more consequences. Before you vote, better know how those consequences impact you and those you love.

Nothing politicians say impacts your life. It is all emotional. But, the strong economy is real. It impacts your life directly.

There have been only three such economies since World War II. The 1960’s boom came after JFK’s tax cut. The 1980’s came after Reagan’s tax cut. Both increased tax revenues more than 60 percent over five years. Both improved people’s lives.

Trump’s tax cut is now benefiting us. It is Trump’s, not Obama’s recovery, according to 38 top economists. (Wall Street Journal, Jan 18, 2018)

We have the lowest unemployment since 1969. (Washington Post)

The stock market is helping over 60 million 401K participants enjoy a retirement without poverty – 100 million counting spouses. Add to that 20 million IRA account holders and five million households with college 529 plans. Add as well all union pensions and jobs.

Our economy grew at four percent last quarter. Jobs are growing even faster. Obama went eight years without annual three percent growth – the longest ever (

Poverty in America reduced over 12 percent in 2017. This may be even better in 2018.

It is easy to ignore Trump. It is hard to ignore a bad economy. Democrats have promised to reinstate Obama’s regulations and tax hike. Tax hikes always hurt economies. Never vote for tax hikes.

Ignore politics. Vote on policies. Don’t lose this prosperity. It could last a long time.

Larry Kuykendall


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