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After reading the article that the Quad-Cities Chamber of Commerce wants to keep wages below the poverty level, I was wondering if we should keep supporting these businesses.

Many people today are living paycheck to paycheck. If businesses ever started paying their employees a living wage, it would be a winning formula for everyone. If someone has a very small income, they cannot support their local business.

I would like to see more small businesses start paying their employees a living wage, but since they will not, they must go to their state government (Illinois and Iowa) and beg for them to raise the minimum wage.

Inflation today is way ahead of where wages should be. Right now the minimum wage should be $12 per hour.

If business wants to survive, they need to start helping the employee, who is also their customer. Most of the jobs coming to the Quad-Cities are low-paying jobs with no benefits. Service and retail jobs will not make the Quad-Cities a place to raise a family.

We can do better and the chamber needs to start working a little harder.

Dave Fuller


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