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Letter: We can't wait

Letter: We can't wait


Davenport Schools had a waiver approved to go virtual for 10 days. You see, unlike other states across America, we here in Iowa don't have local control to make health and safety decisions. We have to hit a 20%+ positivity rate, and then we get permission to go virtual for 10 days.

Some are upset at the closing of schools. Here is the thing: Our state and governor made a calculated decision to prioritize personal freedom and "keeping Iowa open for business" over the education of our children and the health and well-being of our citizens. That decision has consequences. Iowans, you wanted freedom from masks? You wanted to go to bars and gather in groups? You wanted football games and mask-less political rallies? Well, these choices have overtaxed our health care system and led to unsafe conditions in schools.

The necessary actions taken by Davenport schools and countless other districts are the direct result of choices made by the governor and personal choice advocates which drove our positivity rate to unsustainable levels.

Health care experts have warned of this since spring. But people wanted freedom and normalcy. Now we are all paying the price for this. The only way to change course is serious mitigations by all. Governor Reynolds, shame on you for the chaos, crisis, sickness and death you have caused by your inaction. We need action now: a real mask mandate, closing of bars, limiting gatherings, and a virtual learning option. We cannot wait another day.

Mary Justin



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