The other day a political analyst asked one of the many candidates running for president on the Democrat side: How would you pay for healthcare for all, fix our infrastructure and reduce college tuition debt – but without hurting the wealthy of America?

The mindless mentality of our current economic system is nothing can be considered for policy unless it will some how benefit the very affluent. Our government for the past 40 years has been willing to help those who have so much and yet completely abandon the needs of those who have so little.

Our mind-set in America is we cannot help the poor and needy because that could be harmful to the very affluent. Main Street USA is depressed, while Wall Street looks to break 27,000 on the stock market's Dow Jones average.

Our obsession with wealth at any cost is coming to fruition. Capital over labor – guess who won?

Inequality in America was not an "act of God," it was the result of government and business policy slamming the door on labor, workers and unions. The minimum wage in Iowa is $7.25 an hour – that is called poverty.

The mainstream media will keep telling us that nothing can be done about our current predicament without sending the economy into free-fall. The brain-washing of American society will continue unless we realize what has happened to working-class people and start to think differently. It may be too late.

Dave Fuller


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