As a resident of Davenport for 69 years, I've seen a flood or two strike Davenport. I would like to commend the city and the public works, volunteers and others for their efforts to combat this prolonged and record-setting flood of 2019.

I would also like to comment on several letters that have appeared in the Davenport paper (not the Bettendorf paper) that seem to put down Davenport for its flood-fighting efforts. With the protections that have been instituted over the years, the cost of clean-up following floods is considerably less than floods of old. I remember a report several years ago from the Corps of Engineers stating a flood wall for Davenport would be in the millions.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, perhaps these 'outsiders' could ponder the cost to Davenport residents that pay for flood protection, not Bettendorf, as they visit the breweries or restaurants in downtown Davenport. Or when they take in a ballgame, run the Bix 7 or enjoy a concert in LeClaire Park.

We are fine with our riverfront as it is, thank you. We band together to help those affected by floods when they occur every so often. With some of these 'outsiders' being so concerned for our riverfront, perhaps they can come and help in the clean-up. We would welcome them with open arms.

In return, I promise I will visit the beautiful riverfront in Bettendorf to sit on the flood wall and admire the oil tanks.

Jerry Laake


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