From the book "Fixing the Sky" by James Fleming, Edward Teller, the "father" of the atomic bomb, said, "Conflict over weather control [is] the likely cause of 'the last war on Earth'."

Teller could be likened to "King Kong "in the movie Dr. Strangelove, played by Slim Pickens as he gleefully rode the nuclear missile like a horse to its destination. (I fell off my chair laughing at Peter Sellers as Captain Lionel Mandrake in the same film.)

We are indeed living in a mad world, with so many fingers on the "button." But what if you didn't need to launch a nuclear attack? What if you could bring a nation to its knees with weather control?

Here's a little poem I found in the same book.

In the coming perpetual visiontone show

We shall see the full action of storms as they go.

We shall watch them developed on far-away seas,

And we'll plot out their courses with much greater ease.

Then a new day will come in electrical lore

When the picture will register very much more.....

Then a day there will be when predictions won't fail,

Though describing the weather in every detail,

Just what minute twill rain, even when it will hail.

Tom Keith


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