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Letter: Wear the mask

Letter: Wear the mask

To the school board members that are deciding the fate of our children's health this school year:

Masks work. Period. This is fact, and now I know first-hand.

My 8-year-old son sat three feet away from a lab-confirmed COVID-positive classmate in his 3rd grade class the first week of school; six hours straight that day before her results came back and they pulled her out. He never developed symptoms and subsequently tested negative for COVID. Guess what? They were both wearing masks.

As a mother, that's all the proof I need (on top of all the scientific evidence that's published). I don't see how you have a choice. Our kids have the freedom not to be exposed to a potentially deadly virus. That freedom far outweighs the freedoms of those that might be slightly inconvenienced by wearing them.

It's a good thing that kid wore their mask and it was effective. I work at a local hospital, and due to staff shortages, I am literally the only one able to run our department. If he and/or I had gotten sick, dozens of heart patients would have had appointments canceled for a minimum of 10 days, or worse, been exposed to it.

This can all be avoided by simply requiring the kids to wear the masks like the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend. I know you'll do the right thing. Our kids are watching. Thank you.

Carey Reiter



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