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If you are a Trump supporter, ask yourself one question. What has Trump done for you since he took office?

He got a huge, permanent tax cut for the rich and a smaller, temporary tax cut for the rest of us. He has established tariffs that impact farmers and raise prices on consumers. He promised to create manufacturing jobs and they are disappearing. He has no infrastructure plan that's created any jobs. He has alienated our traditional allies while defending dictators. He refuses to accept global warming, endangering the entire population on the planet. He tried to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, which protects people with pre-existing conditions. He has imprisoned illegal immigrant children. There are more children being held in a tent city larger than many of our jails. He has overtly tried to squelch investigations of collusion and obstruction of justice. So, again, what has he done for you and your family?

Carol DeWilfond


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