I’m from the old school. I believe in the rule of law and the U.S Constitution. I don’t believe in those who circumvent the law for their own personal gain, nor do I believe in those who trample all over the Constitution and have no respect for the separation of powers or the checks and balance system. 

As per the Mueller report, this is what I believe: 

1. Many Trump supporters believed Attorney General William Barr’s 2 3/4 page conclusion of the report.

2. Many Trump supporters believed Barr’s misleading presser prior to releasing the document to Congress and the public.

3. Many Trump supporters listened to the talking heads on Fox News criticizing the report and believed each word.

4. And, finally many Trump supporters believed Trump’s comments about no collusion or obstruction.

But what many Trump supporters didn't do was read the report. My question is, "why?" What are they afraid of? Why is Trump blocking Robert Mueller and Don McGahn from testifying to Congress? Why is Barr refusing to release an unredacted copy of the report to Congress? Why are congressional Republicans so silent? 

I have read the Mueller report and it took me over 2-plus weeks to do so. There is no way Barr read the 448-page document in less than 48 hours and arrived at his misleading, false narrative.

It is my belief that neither Trump, nor Barr, nor congressional Republicans are honoring their oath of office, which is to support and defend the Constitution, not circle the wagons to protect a corrupt administration.

Jim Eccher


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