Letter: What we need

Letter: What we need


Supposedly, about half of all Americans approve of President Trump's performance. What exactly do they find admirable? His beautiful manners? His tact and diplomacy? His brilliant foreign policy? Maybe his business acumen? I'll admit his 16,000 lies (to date) is quite the legacy.

What I want to know is, do these people identify with Trump? Do they want to emulate him? God help us!

Trump is meaner than a junk-yard dog. He is venal, vindictive, cruel and stupid. Re-elect Trump and you will witness the suicide of our democratic republic and the birth of a dictatorship — a very scary prospect. I cannot believe half the country wants that.

Democratic candidates for the nomination claim they can "unify the country." A pretty sentiment. How do they plan to do that? Not since the 1860's has our country been more divided, and you know what that led to.

The upcoming election will determine whether America's noble experiment in self-government will survive.

Our current elected representation is not, in fact, representing us. The gutless wonders sitting in the Senate march to Trump's drumbeat, not ours. We not only need a different president (one who can read and write would be nice), but we need a working Congress that will sustain our form of government. We need the restoration of the Republican Party.

Karen Brei 



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