Letter: Where the truth is

Letter: Where the truth is


I was horrified at your story, "You're all a victim", on Tuesday. Where have the parents of these young people gone wrong to raise and enable teens who stand under a cross and speak about why we should fear "non-white immigrants?"

This meeting, held in a Baptist church, including parents from around the nation who have lost children to illegal immigrants, a man tied to a white supremacist rally and a candidate who doesn’t seem to mind being called a racist, is mind-boggling, especially when you consider just how misguided it is.

It took five minutes on Google to turn up a 2018 study in the peer-reviewed journal Criminology showing that communities with larger numbers of illegal immigrants actually have lower crime rates.

This story, about people preaching fear and racism in a church, could have desperately used some facts, not just bigoted opinions that are desperately wrong.

I lost a daughter myself, and if she had been murdered, I would have been even more devastated. For a political party to capitalize on the devastation of these parents is despicable, especially when they pretend it represents some type of epidemic.

Ignore the dozens of mass killings by white people. The Republican Party has a strategy to whip up fear based on non-whites. Shame on them, and shame on a newspaper for not spending a few more minutes balancing the story with information that could help the reader make a better decision on where the truth lies.

Ken Gullette



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