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Yes, we are a nation of crybabies and whiners. Chuck Norris is not always around to help us, so if we want to be crybabies and whiners to get the job done about the fireworks, then we need to go for it.

There are too many people that break the law with their fireworks, shooting them off after hours. They do it because they know they can get away with it.

There is a lot more about the Fourth of July than just fireworks and we all know what that is, such as getting together with families and cookouts. Every town celebrates in their own way. We can all go to the ballpark to watch the River Bandits and then a huge display of fireworks.

When our leaders signed the Declaration of Independence and sent it to King George, he answered by sending his troops to the colonies to silence the whiners and crybabies who stood their ground and answered back to the troops in lead.

Because of these actions, we have freedom of speech and the right to whine and cry all we want. We also have the right to shoot off our fireworks as long as we follow the law and respect everyone else's rights.

Right now North Korea and Kim Jong Un is hearing us whine and cry about its nuclear weapons. We whined and cried to Japan when it bombed Pearl Harbor, and to Hitler in World War II. They soon learned that when we whine and cry, we mean business.

David Dorris


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