President Trump has incurred the ire of environmentalists. A recent letter (July 27) claimed that Trump’s boast about being a good steward of the environment is "laughable."

The final paragraph urged readers to join various environmental groups standing up to this "polluting administration" and "check the facts" because our children’s health is at risk.

The issue here is not about being against the Trump administration. It’s perfectly okay to oppose his policies, be they about the environment, economy, foreign policy, taxes or other issues a president runs on seeking public support. This happened during the 2016 campaign that Trump won. He didn’t deceive by saying one thing to get elected and not following through on promises, like we’ve seen so many times in the past. Instead, as the expression goes, he "talked the talk" and now he is "walking the walk." Promises made and promises kept, one of which is what he said about the environment.

The problem here is checking the facts. It used to be when debates occurred and good people disagreed, all one had to do was to seek out the facts and they, the facts, won the debate. Sadly, fact checking has morphed into a weapon whereby misleading information is presented as gospel. Anyone who doubts the veracity of so-called facts is scorned for daring to question.

When people are told to "check the facts," especially when it comes to climate change and what environmentalists tell us, we should all wonder and ask: who fact-checks the fact checkers?

Jeffrey H. Rice

Rock Island

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