Regarding the May 8th letter, entitled "Dividing America," CNN and MSNBC aside, "charges of hatred and racism" are "attempts to divide or misinform listeners”? Come again? I’m curious to know the writer’s sources of information. I’m guessing the New York Times and Washington Post might not make the cut, nor the Quad City Times.

The racism and hatred of Donald Trump and his presidency are clearly laid out in the public record. There may be "some very fine people" on both sides of the political aisle but those that are on the right would do well to speak up about the transgressions and constitutional dismemberment being wrought by their leader.

Clutching at power at the expense of our democratic republic is an inexcusable sin against American ideals.

The author’s statement, "Millions of Americans are wondering if the Democratic Party now controls almost all of our media…" comes straight from the Trump "fake news" playbook. No mention of Sinclair Media, however.

I believe that the writer’s claim of a divided America is a solid fact but he’s way off about who’s doing the dividing.

Leslie Bell


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