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Since January 27 was Holocaust Remembrance Day we must understand and never forget how it happened. It didn't start with gas chambers. It started with the country being divided by politicians. It started with intolerance and hate speech and fueled by a media that's as guilty as the Nazis.

Could it happen today? Is it happening all around us?

In 2018, the leading cause of death was abortions, with 41 million babies killed as reported by Worldometer. Let's remember the Nazis and their collaborators killed a few million children because of their perceived racial or biological inferiority. Today, babies are killed because we're told it's the mother's right and no one asks why so many mothers are deciding to kill their offspring.

We're told instead of a baby, we call them fetuses. Instead of killing we say aborting. Instead of dissect or butchering, we should say research. Instead of extermination chambers we call them abortion clinics. The Nazis used poison gas and bullets while today we use poison chemicals and medical instruments.

So what's the real reason we let so many abortions happen? Is it because of the millions of taxpayer dollars organizations get for doing abortions? Is it the millions these organizations get for selling the baby parts or the billions of campaign dollars going to the Democratic Party?

Does it bother anyone that the Democrats almost unanimously support the killing of our unborn but then preach to us about a wall being immoral?

Don Erbst Sr.


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