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Letter: Why the secrecy?

Letter: Why the secrecy?

The record shows that, with other Republicans, Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst voted against establishing a bipartisan independent investigation into the Jan. 6 assault on our national Capitol and democratic process. It seems odd that both senators would lack curiosity about the truth of who, what and why the Jan. 6 attempt at overturning our presidential election outcome occurred.

All facts concerning the violence at Congress’ workplace need to be known so preventive measures might forestall similar events in the future. Could the senators have forgotten that, during the violent insurrection, over 140 people were injured, and some died, areas of the Capitol were ransacked and violated with feces spread in the hallowed halls, legislators' offices were looted and vandalized, and legislators themselves terrorized?

Pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails were found and the personal safety of all legislators and staff was at great risk. Intruders erected gallows and hunted leaders, including the vice president and speaker of the House, with threats to hang them.

Importantly, the certification of our national election results, a fundamental operation of our democratic form of government, was interrupted, though it was later resumed and completed. Nonetheless, it’s paramount that the facts behind this terrible violence against our democracy become known and that perpetrators be brought to justice.

Can it be that Republicans Grassley and Ernst are disregarding their obligation to protect our democratic processes, or might they already know the truth underlying this felonious insurrection and desire that it remain obscure?

William Seaver



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