What would you do if a person you trusted lied to you about some trivial matter or lied to you about a matter of significant importance? What you would you do?

What would you do the first time you heard that person lie? What would you do the second time you caught that person lying to you? Or the third time or even the fourth time? How long would it take before you didn’t trust anything that person said? Do you think you’d stop believing whatever that person said? Any sane person would begin to question the mental stability of a person who you knew was not capable of telling you the truth.

The Washington Post's Fact Checker confirms that during his 928 days in office Donald Trump didn’t lie once or twice, but 12,019 times — 12,019 lies; that’s quite a record. He lies on average 13 times a day; quite a record.

Why would you keep believing whatever he says? You can’t trust him even when he talks about a straight forward subject like the path of Hurricane Dorian. He kept doubling down with his lies that the hurricane would hit Alabama. Amazing that he can’t stop lying. That’s his consistent track record; he lies, even when he doesn’t have to lie. He can’t stop lying.

If you listen to him with the expectation of hearing the truth, it may be wishful thinking.

James R. Orr


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