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Thanks for showing us who you are, John Wisor.

Pride is always a celebration because of the overwhelming shows of support from the unlikeliest of places. So it’s fitting that the Quad-Cities’ first Pride Week is punctuated by such support locally.

We live in a civil society. Regardless of one’s beliefs, we treat others with respect, which makes it a surprise when a business owner not only has a public outburst, but then doubles- and triples-down on that disrespect until he has harmed both his reputation and business.

John Wisor has every right to free speech. His frustration as a business owner is even understandable — but he squandered any public sympathy with his demeaning and hateful tirades.

In damage control mode, Wisor is donating sums to local nonprofits, and there was a time when that might have worked.

The truth is, John, your empty words carry no weight, your apology means nothing when the motivation behind it is self-serving. We have better options than ersatz support.

The LGBT community still needs the genuine support of the greater community if we hope to emerge from this Republican madness with our civil rights intact. Already business owners think this Supreme Court ruling means barring business to LGBT people is legal.

You’ve shown the LGBT community who you are, John Wisor. Now you need to show the greater community that you’re capable of change. That takes more than a couple of hastily written checks.

David Balluff