Here we go again. Mass shootings the majority of media and many politicians hasten to demagogue. Mentally deranged people committing senseless murders, while underlying reasons for such acts are purposely deflected. Discourse over these shootings fail to tell the truth about mental illness spawning schizophrenia, homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, and crime leading to mayhem, dysfunction, despair and in all too many cases, murder.

Before exposing cultural degradation brought upon by socio-political movements, others belong in a hall of shame as contributors, dare I say, cheerleaders, to decades of social decline. Innocent people should not lose their lives over what the entertainment industry, a.k.a., video games, movies, music, TV are doing to impact the minds of those teetering on the edge of reality. Satan is working over time as the aforementioned entities do his bidding.

Sadly, leaders in politics, the legal profession, advocacy groups, psychologists, psychiatrists and judges bear responsibility for events that came to fruition beginning in the 1960’s, remaining in effect today.

Research reveals volumes of data and testimony that led to mental hospitals being closed down across the country. Once the legal precedent was established, hospital closings fell like dominoes. The mental health community and social activist groups convinced the courts to rule in favor of patient privacy and the die was cast as untold number of patients ended up on the streets.

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Fifty years later another generation of mentally ill people wreak havoc on innocent citizens, while the people who cause this malaise bear no responsibility.

Jeffrey H. Rice

Rock Island

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