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I am writing to express my ultimate gratitude for the customer service provided by the local Davenport coffee shop Dunn Brothers and its staff.

As a high school student, I often find myself needing a quiet place to re-energize, or a calming environment to connect with friends and family. Time after time, I have found myself entering Dunn Brothers to find just the atmosphere I was looking for. From the friendly faces, ready to prepare any combination of coffee and flavoring one can ask for, to the variety of seating and lighting provided, Dunn Brothers never fails to exude a positive environment to the surrounding community.

As a young adult in today’s society, I greatly appreciate receiving the same customer service as the older adults who surround me. Whether I find myself spending hours at a time studying or writing a paper for school, or simply spending time with my friends over coffee, I have always felt respected and treated like an adult while spending time at Dunn Brothers.

Lastly, I would like to thank the amazing staff of Dunn Brothers who treat every customer as an individual and not as only another face. Their enthusiasm for what they do is always the refreshing welcome I see when I imagine my favorite local coffee shop, Dunn Brothers Coffee.

Casey Phillips


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