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As I write this letter to the editor it is Election Day. I have cast my vote and made my singular contribution to our democratic process. Now I, like so many Americans, sit in both hope and dread. For me the hope is based on the possibility that “We the people” will have put a check on the authoritarian nationalism and racism that has risen its ugly head in our nation. The dread is that the election will confirm the darkness that resides in the soul of America. We will have chosen to follow the demagoguery that purports to lead us.

I hope, but I am attempting to prepare myself for the worst. The worst would be a president and a Republican Party that feels vindicated in its desire for authoritarian rule. We will have become like so many tyrannical regimes of the past that now rest on the trash heap of history. Resistance in such a society moves from being constitutionally protected to one that must hide in the shadows. That is my greatest fear.

By the time this letter is published we will know the direction our nation has chosen to travel. I pray that we will have turned our backs to the illiberal narrow-mindedness that has swept across our country. In that case we will have chosen light over darkness. If the election has confirmed the darkness, I/we will have to do what we can to let the light of truth shine in America.

Thomas Raphael-Nakos


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