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I read somewhere that the topic sentence of a paragraph should not start with a question, but in this letter to the editor, I ask, "What are we teaching our children about living in society?"

Our children see and hear via the media (of all kinds) adults screaming and fighting with each other. They see bullying, rudeness, and hatefulness everywhere. These are not the principles we should be teaching our precious children. We, the adults, know better then to instill hateful practices in the minds of children.

Do we want a world where our individual opinions have no meaning except to agree with those of others? Are we not to think but only mimic what we are told to think?

Children learn from adults. Should we not be teaching our children to respect the rights of others? And that everyone has a right to believe as they see fit. Is there only one guide that sets the pace for everyone to follow? I think not. America is great. We the people are great. Wake up, America. Work together to make America even greater. We owe it to our children.

S. Elaine Persinger 


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