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In last month's column, I said there would be more gift ideas for shooters and anglers coming in December. So as we turn our attention to the holiday season, let's look at some gift ideas for the outdoors recreationists in your life. 

The first gift idea is one that I just learned of from Guy Tal, CEO of Maglula. I’ve used the Maglula for speed loading 9mm magazines, and it has been great. Now the company offers speed loading for one of the toughest loading magazines around — a Ruger 10/22 box magazine.

These rotary magazines are tough to load, so you'll want plenty of spares. That's one reason I’ve never purchased one of the higher capacity magazines, as the 10-round units are bad enough. But, Maglula, based in Israel, has solved that problem with a unit that works for the Ruger 10/22. For further information about this unit and all of the Maglula magazines visit

In my prior column, Walt Matan, of Custom Jigs & Spins, had an idea about their available kits. These are excellent ideas, which Terry Vance, president of Blitz Lures, and Ron Stallings, a jack-of-all-trades at TTI-Blakemore/Gun Protect, have also added.

Vance suggests one of Blitz Lure's combo packs, consisting of six ½-ounce Blitz Blade Baits or Phrogs. The blade is a great lure for fishing in all sorts of weather at a variety of depths and for a variety of fish, while the Phrog is one of the best topwater floating frogs for fishing heavy weed cover. These can be found at

TTI-Blakemore has several available kits, including Road Runners and Team Catfish Kit (which comprises double action circle hooks, Jack Hammer "J" hooks, Titan Treble Hooks, sinker Sinker Slides and Sinker Bumperz). A few more of my favorites include Daiichi, Tru-Turn and Xpoint hooks. The Xpoint is my main hook for worm and tube fishing, and I use the Daiichi Copperhead with Natural Forage Baits’ Jerk Shad. The TTI-Blakemore kits can be found at

Gifts ideas for hunters and shooters

On the shooting side of things, targets are always needed, and Do-All Outdoors has some great offerings. One of my picks is the Blast Back, a group of three reset targets. The first two fold back when they're hit, while the third resets all three when shot. You can see the complete line of Do-All Outdoors targets at

Another of my favorite targets is produced by Twisted River Targets in LeClaire. While they have several of the AR500 steel types, I like the bullseye target with the larger outer target and middle 4-inch plate as the bullseye. Twisted River targets and other items are found at

Looking to teach a young one how to shoot? There are plenty of airgun options that will do the trick. 

The Freedom PCP from American Tactical is a great shooter with open fiber optic sights. American Tactical also offers a new line of PCPs that come with wooden stocks, unlike the Freedom's polymer stock. Both air and powder gun accessories are available at

Another airgun that has worked well for me, and has been very popular on my YouTube channel, is the Gamo Swarm Maxxim. This is a break barrel pellet rifle that uses 10-round magazines. It also comes with a nice full-size scope. Information on this and other Gamo products can be found at

If you're looking for an accurate semi-auto 22LR rifle, you'll want to check out the Rossi RS22. The open fiber optic sights that come on this unit are great. It is lightweight, with a polymer Monte Carlo stock, floating barrel and 10-round magazine. It also has a rail for mounting a scope, but the fiberoptic sights have been so much fun and accurate that I haven’t been using a scope. This is one of those guns that you enjoy for shooting targets and plinking all day long. Information on this and other Rossi firearms, including the RB22M (bolt action 22 WMR unit) can be found at

More fishing gift ideas

In all my years in the fishing industry, one of my favorite and most productive lures has been a Rat-L-Trap. In contacting Richard Broadwell of Bill Lewis Outdoors, I found that Bill Lewis Outdoors has a new lure that will make for a great gift.

The new lure is called the MR-6 Mark Daniels Jr. Signature Series Mid-Range crankbait. Unlike the Trap, this lure has a diving bill. It features a compact, 2 ¼-inch body length containing an internal weight-transfer system for long-casting abilities for a small-sized lure. The flattened sides and tapered tail combine for extreme vibration on a tight wiggle action.

The MR-6 can carry large Size 4 Mustad Triple Grip hooks while still maintaining superb action. The buoyancy is perfectly balanced with a slow rise when the lure retrieve is stopped, and it gives off a subtle knocking sound when coming through the water. If you need a gift for the angler in your life, especially a gift that's sure to become one of the hottest "fish catchers" on the market, take a look at the MR-6. Further information is available at

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Dan Galusha caught his first solo fish at the age of 3, starting his fishing career in 1973.  He wrote for newspapers and magazines, hosted radio and TV shows, won awards in fishing and media, conducted seminars, competed in and ran tournaments, and in 2012 was inducted as a Legendary Communicator in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.


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