Lewis Capaldi's isolation tunes are 'flowing'

Lewis Capaldi's isolation tunes are 'flowing'

Lewis Capaldi's isolation tunes are 'flowing'

Lewis Capaldi's isolation tunes are "flowing".

The Scottish pop star has had no problem with writer's block during the coronavirus pandemic, but insisted not everything he's churning out will be usable, as he quipped that "diarrhea also flows".

He told fans on Instagram: "It's flowing, but diarrhea also flows, doesn't mean that you want it!

"It's going pretty well so far but I'm just getting started, and everything I do right now I am like, 'Oh, that's exciting.'

"But when you everything goes back to normal, I'll realize I've written 12 songs about the same four walls."

The 'Someone You Loved' singer recently shared seven unreleased songs - which weren't included on his first record - with fans on social media, despite admitting he wasn't sure if he was actually allowed to air them.

He said: "This is a song that's never been heard before from me. We did this on the same day we did 'Someone You Loved'.

"Am I allowed to do this? I think so. I'll just f***ing play it any way.

"We wrote this song first -- it's half-finished, so the words are all over the shop and stuff.

"And then we decided to stop writing this song and instead write 'Someone You Loved.'"

The 'Before You Go' hitmaker also recently quipped that the follow-up to his record-breaking debut album, 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent', could be inspired by memes.

He joked: "I'm trying my best but if I'm honest there's nothing less inspiring than living at home with your parents during a lockdown when your dad is watching the news and then my mother, she's recently discovered memes.

"And let me tell you, it has been the bane of my existence for the last few weeks. All she does is shove her phone in my face with memes.

"Even when I think I'm safe in my room she'll send me pictures."

The 23-year-old star also claimed he keeps "getting interrupted" whenever he tries to work on new tunes, and teased the possibility of his mum impacting his lyrics.

He added: "So that's not a very inspiring environment to create in. I've been trying to write but it's been going awful because I keep getting interrupted with memes.

"So expect a meme-based album if I haven't been killed by my mother."


This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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