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Graybeard Investigations Inc


PO Box 315
Milan, IL 61264

Last Updated: September 24, 2018




About Graybeard Investigations Inc

Graybeard Investigations Inc. is the premier private investigator of the Quad Cities. Graybeard offers a wide variety of investigative services for both personal and professional settings. Based out of the Quad Cities, Graybeard operates in the greater western Illinois and eastern Iowa regions. Through a national network of private investigators, Chuck Hauman of Graybeard Investigations can handle your case no matter where it may lead.

When you are burdened by the intense stress and/or anxiety that can come from not trusting the people in your life, both domestically and in the office, look no further than Graybeard Investigations. With over 35 years of investigative experience in the Quad Cities, Chuck Hauman’s innovative methods, networks, and connections offer you a custom investigation placed within capable hands.


Criminal Defense
• Homicide Investigations
• Crimes of Violence- Including Sexual Assault
• Property Crimes
• Drug Cases
• Crime Scene Assessments
• Witness Interviews

Domestic / Civil Services
• Domestic Disputes
• Infidelity Investigations & Surveillance
• Child Custody Cases
• Missing Person Searches
• Personal Injury Cases
• Dram Shop Investigations
• Expert Service of Legal Process

Corporate Services
• Medical / Insurance Fraud
• White-Collar Crime
• Workman’s Compensation Investigations

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Graybeard Investigations


"Chuck's professional experience and dedicated work ethic make him uniquely qualified to successfully and promptly complete virtually every kind of investigation, witness location and/or service of legal process.”
Trent Marquis, VanDerGinst Law

”I worked with Chuck this spring on a murder trial here in Knox County. He was thorough, showed great attention, and was very persistent in hunting down the witnesses I needed to prove our case. I would strongly recommend Chuck to anyone who needs a private investigator.”
Anthony W. Vaupel Attorney-Baresh & Everett LLC

"I have, in all respects, been completely satisfied with the work Mr. Hauman has performed. He is always thorough and prompt in completing both investigation and service assignments."
Glenn Rudd, Rudd, Scovil & Marsh Attorneys at Law


While anyone can take the test to become a private investigator, Chuck Hauman's extensive and comprehensive background gives him the upper hand when it comes to investigative experience and performance. With 35 years of investigations in his portfolio, Chuck Hauman’s accolades and achievements speak to the success he's had "on the case".

Networked with a broad range of attorneys and law enforcement officials, Chuck Hauman can provide referrals and additional resource recommendations to clients in addition to his discreet surveillance and thorough investigation.

Career Accomplishments

• Member, Iowa Association of Private Investigators
• Member, National Council Of Investigation & Security Services
• Charter Member—Rock Island Fraternal Order of Police—Lodge 57
• Rock Island Police Officer for 23 years including over 30 commendations
• Police Officer of the Year—1990
• Four years investigating in the Juvenile Division
• Fifteen years in the Major Crime Investigation Division
• Undercover drug investigation resulting in the arrest of 64 defendants
• Rock Island High School Liaison for three years

Specialized Training

Southern Police Institute—University of Louisville Homicide Investigation

John Reid & Associates—Chicago Illinois Interviews and Interrogations

National Fire Academy—Emmetsburg Maryland Fire & Arson Investigation

Police Training Institute—University of Illinois
• Juvenile Officers Course
• Criminal Investigation Courses
• Field Supervisors Course
• Field Training Officers Course

Graybeard Investigations Inc



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