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Bell Pepper

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Like many home cooks who also garden, I get great satisfaction using the herbs and vegetables I grow each summer in whatever I'm cooking that day. As such, one of my favorite things to do during my early-morning walks is to check out other people's gardens to see how my green(ish) thumb stacks up. When it comes to summer squash, I always lose out to an elderly neighbor who grows some of the ...

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Dietician @stephgrassodietician is always offering up healthy swaps and meal ideas. This simple snack is perfect for busy workdays when you just don’t have time for a lot of meal prep. To make it, she simply tops a bell pepper with tuna for a keto-friendly, high protein, filling snack.

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“Our bodies burn through vitamin C at a much faster rate when we’re fighting off a pathogen,” says Tynan. It’s a water-soluble vitamin (we pee out any excess), so we need to take it regularly.

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