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There are now 21 on-the-record denials rebutting The Atlantic’s bombshell alleging President Trump called American soldiers “losers” and “suckers.” Ignoring the most problematic aspect of Atlantic Editor Jeffrey Goldberg’s report – his sources were all anonymous -- many journalists saw this story as the perfect opportunity to wager the institutional media’s credibility against that of the president, who to be charitable, has a strained relationship with the truth.

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TRUMP on the pandemic: “It will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better.” — briefing Tuesday.

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TRUMP: “We got Choice. Nobody thought we were going to get Choice. They‘ve been trying to get Choice for over 40 years." — Fox News interview Wednesday.

This presidential election has been the most divisive in American history. Many voters have been so turned off that they won’t vote, but there…

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Chris Wallace of Fox News has served notice he won't try to "truth squad" the debate. Given Trump's habit of skirting the truth, that may put the onus on Clinton for more real-time fact checking. So far, she's largely punted, pointing viewers toward her website.

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