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Cat lovers get a kick out of watching their pets play with interactive toys, and that’s why the Crazy Circle is a nice gift for a cat and their human. Your kitty will spend hours batting at the ball enclosed in the circle track while her owner enjoys the show. $14.99 at Chewy. Also available at Amazon.

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“The Circle” is the world’s premier internet company, boasting immense power and nearly impossible-to-land positions. When Mae Holland is offered a role in the company, her dream come true rapidly turns into a living nightmare. The story takes a tragic turn when Mae realizes that her entire life is far more public than she ever intended for it to become.

The tradition of carved jade disks called a bi began in China before the invention of writing. Dating back to Neolithic times, it's believed they represent the heavens. Later as the culture changed, so did the meaning and the value of the more contemporary jade bi. There are similar shapes in the local design vernacular of other cultures too. Old world and New, East and West, these flat circular forms have found their forever homes in gardens. When you see them in so many different cultural milieus, the realization is that this is truly a universal sculpture. Such large forms belong in gardens where a sense of the spiritual is not defined by religious icons.

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