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Doctors have warned Aicha and Micah Liesenfeld, of St. Louis, that this is the year when things may start to change for their six-year-old daughter, Ornella, who has a rare neurodegenerative disease. 

Remember the chore list your parents made you check off as a kid? This is basically the adult version. CleanTok creator @nottheworstcleaner shows how satisfying it is to finish your cleaning checklist. 

A question to consider: In 2001, 2,996 Americans were killed by terrorists. In response, tens of thousands of our best and bravest were sent o…

Michael Paul Williams — a columnist with the Richmond Times-Dispatch — won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize in Commentary "for penetrating and historically insightful columns that guided Richmond, a former capital of the Confederacy, through the painful and complicated process of dismantling the city's monuments to white supremacy."

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This book of letters makes for an adorable keepsake for parents to treasure and gift their children when they’re grown. They can fill it with memories, stories and love letters that will bring joy with every turn of a page, both now and into the future. $14.95 at Amazon

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