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As the parent of a growing toddler, I find myself repeating this mantra night after night, dinner after dinner. Just that one bite represents a world of possibilities, yet is tough to swallow.

After years of growing and selling plants, I find that easy leap of faith can be equally difficult for gardeners in unpredictable March weather. Sunshine to snow and back again can put a damper on garden aspirations. Although, fun garden projects were made for March (weather) madness.

1) Start Seeds Indoors- Cold snap be darned, anyone can start herb, veggie or flower seeds indoors with just two key tips for success. Use a soil labeled for seed starting and provide light. Fancy grow lights or even an old college desk lamp will do. Most sprouts that fail are lacking light, not expertise.

2) Make the Cut- Take advantage of nice days, find your pruners, cut back and clean up your shrubs. Stems and leaves will grow back so be confident in your cuts. As a guideline, avoid removing more then one third of the plant. Any of your shrubs that flower before June, like Forsythia or Lilac, should get haircuts after blooming.

3) Embrace Orchids- Orchids possess a mystique that can intimidate even the greenest of green thumbs. Take in the exquisite blooms as the Orchid Show wraps up today at Wallace’s. Keep in mind their lengthy bloom time of two or three months and surprisingly easy care. “Beginner” orchids like Phalaenopsis prefer an East-facing window (moderate to low light) and water one to two times per week. Sit back and watch as bead-like buds unfurl and elicit a smile from anyone who passes by.

4) Dream… Just a Little- March provides no shortage of opportunities to re-think your outdoor space. Home and Garden Shows spring up in Des Moines, Chicago and in our own backyard at the QCCA Expo Center next weekend. Make time to stroll and find that one new ingredient or subtle change your garden needs. Choose to add a soothing fountain, culinary herbs, lipstick pink geraniums or anything that attracts those magical hummingbirds.

The snow may still fly but the insistence of peeking daffodils and blooming magnolias assures us that Spring is on its way. Find your own way to usher in the season. My plan? To grow more vegetables than the traditional tomatoes and peppers on my deck and see if the wonder of watching them grow will inspire mealtime excitement. My advice to you: Pick a project and remember those five words “Try It; You’ll Like It.”

Want more information?  Wallace's Garden Center in Bettendorf offers Garden Seminars throughout the year with free admission, great information, fun and prizes, and knowledgeable presenters in a comfortable Environment.

Wallace's Garden Center is a family-focused and service-oriented business known for our quality, homegrown plants, expert staff, and inspiring displays and ideas.  Wallace's Garden Center has been growing great plants and serving the Quad City area since 1981. We invite you to visit one or both of our locations in Bettendorf and Davenport. Please stop in to see what our family can do for yours!

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