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Mediacom customers buzzing with Chicago Cubs playoff fever will need to go elsewhere for their Saturday fix against the San Francisco Giants.

The cable company does not carry the Major League Baseball, or MLB, network, which is airing Game 2 of the National League Division Series at 7 p.m. All other games in the series are on Fox Sports 1.

“We regret our customers cannot see the game,” Phyllis Peters, communications director for Mediacom, said Friday. “We’ve been assured all the rest of the games in the playoff series will be available on our family cable channels.”

At 103 wins and 58 losses, the North Siders with the worst World Series drought in major league history have the best record this season. Peters, a Cubs fan from central Iowa, said she’s thrilled to see the season going so well.

“We’ve never had this situation until now,” she said. “It’s not a bad situation given they’re in the playoffs.”

In the past, Mediacom has invited MLB to join the company’s more expensive specialty sports tier package, where customers can watch other sports networks like NFL. MLB prefers to be on Mediacom’s regular family slate, and the two have not reached an agreement.

“We have a very robust sports package that’s an add-on,” Peters said. “If you’re a football fan, for instance, and you watch a lot of games, but you want a deeper dive, you subscribe to the sports package. We think that’s fair.”

Major League Baseball has granted exclusive television rights to MLB for Saturday's game. DirecTV and Dish Network carry MLB.

Todd Brooks, general manager of 11th Street Precinct in the Village of East Davenport, anticipates a crowd could flock his way. The bar and grille has DirecTV and his place gets packed anytime the Cubs do well.

Brooks said many of his staff are Cubs fans even though he admitted his loyalty to the Chicago White Sox.

"The buzz has been building since the season started," Brooks said. "They kept getting hotter and hotter, and many are looking forward to how the first series will go."