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fire photo

Fans mull around on a plaza area at Modern Woodmen Park after being evacuated on June 16 during a Quad-Cities River Bandits game because of a false fire alarm. Play resumed after a nearly 25-minute delay as Davenport firefighters surveyed the stadium.

A review of the fire sprinkler systems and sensors at Modern Woodmen Park revealed no issues that would have led to the false alarm Monday which resulted into the evacuation of fans during a Quad-Cities River Bandits game.

The system was tested Tuesday following the latest in a string of false alarms at the Midwest League stadium in recent months.

The first, which led to the evacuation of a crowd of 3,065 fans midway through a game on June 16, was the result of pinhole-sized leak in a wet-pipe system in a hallway on the suite level of the facility.

Two additional false alarms have occurred since.

The first was in the early-morning hours of July 5 as crews were completing their cleanup of the stadium following a game the previous evening.

The most recent occurred as the eighth inning ended Monday, leading to the evacuation of a crowd of 3,358 attending a game against Burlington.

River Bandits general manager Andrew Chesser said the past two alarms have sounded because of issues with the stadium’s dry-pipe sprinkler system, a type of system that contains no water in the pipes and is used in facilities where temperatures may at times be cold enough to freeze water in a wet-pipe system.

Following each recent instance, Chesser said the company that installed and maintains the system has inspected it, draining and refilling the system with wet-pipe system water after the first incident and making certain all air pressure levels were where they needed to be in the dry-pipe system following the last two incidents.

He said this week’s inspection found no problem.

"No leak was found. The system checked out with all pressures being where they needed to be," Chesser said. "They haven’t come up with a reason for why the alarm went off, but they feel confident with where everything is at."

Chesser said the River Bandits staff will continue to err on the side of safety if there are any future issues during games.

When the alarm sounds, a recording indicates there is an issue in the facility and asks fans to evacuate the stadium.

Chesser said River Bandits staff members have an evacuation plan that is discussed and trained for annually.

"It details how we will move people and where our staff needs to be positioned to make it work," Chesser said.

"We’ve been able to test that plan more than we would have liked the past few weeks, and people have been good about it. Hopefully, it will be baseball as usual for the rest of the season."