Carl Davis hasn’t let his Senior Bowl opportunity go to waste.

The all-Big Ten defensive tackle from Iowa on Friday was selected by a panel of NFL scouts to receive the Practice Player of the Week Award for his work in the days leading up to today’s all-star game in Mobile, Ala.

Today, he’ll join Iowa defensive tackle Louis Trinca-Pasat and Northern Iowa running back David Johnson of Clinton in the 3 p.m. game that is regarded as the marquee postseason all-star contest for college seniors.

“I’ve just been trying to show my consistency. I know it’s only three days, but I’ve tried to show what I can do and do it consistently,’’ Davis said at a news conference in Mobile. “This is a good chance for me to show everyone that I’m a physical player, that I can take on double teams, that I can rush the passer, do all that it takes to play at the next level.’’

The 6-foot-5, 315-pound two-time all-conference selection from Detroit indicated he has felt comfortable since arriving in Alabama this week.

He said having Trinca-Pasat there has been good and he said the schemes that the Tennessee Titans coaching staff is using with the North defense are similar to what he worked with at Iowa.

“A lot of this has been familiar, which is a good thing,’’ Davis said. “Louie and I were talking the other night and we’re being prepared here the way we prepared at Iowa.’’

Davis said he believes he also benefited from talking with former Hawkeye C.J. Fiedorowicz, who participated in the Senior Bowl a year ago before being drafted by the Houston Texans.

“He told me to be ready for a crazy schedule this week. Coming from Iowa, I’m a little used to that anyway, but we’ve had a lot of late meetings, we’ve gotten a lot of work in,’’ Davis said. “It’s been a great experience for me. There are a lot of great players here for me to test myself against.’’

That, as much as anything, is what Davis wanted to accomplish this week.

He wanted to walk away knowing how he compared to some of the elite players in this year’s draft.

Most analysts believe Davis has only helped himself, shedding himself of the double teams he dealt with regularly at Iowa last season and positioning himself as a possible late first-round draft selection if he can continue to show the dominating potential provided by his combination of quickness and strength.

Davis said he has enjoyed talking football with representatives of NFL teams.

“They want to know my background, how I see myself and my experience at Iowa,’’ Davis said. “They’re telling me that I have good talent, that they feel like I could fit into any type of system, that I’m very versatile, and that my length and speed and measurables are all good. It’s been an important week for me.’’

Johnson also received a daily award from NFL scouts as the top-performing running back during Thursday's practices in Mobile.