At least 43 football players from the Quad-Cities have been selected in the 84-year history of the NFL draft. The list in the order in which they were selected  ...

Sonny Franck finished third in the Heisman Trophy voting in 1940. Quad-City Times

George “Sonny’’ Franck (Davenport), 1941, 1st round (No. 6 overall), New York Giants

Brad Hopkins Quad-City Times

Brad Hopkins (Moline), 1993, 1st round (No. 13 overall), Houston Oilers

1994: JERRY HILLEBRANDDavenport, Colorado and New York Giants linebacker

Jerry Hillebrand (Davenport), 1962, 1st round (No. 13 overall), New York Giants; 2nd round AFL draft (No. 10 overall), Denver Broncos

2001: RON HALLSTROMMoline, University of Iowa and Green Bay Packers lineman

Ron Hallstrom (Moline), 1982, 1st round (No. 22 overall), Green Bay Packers

2004: JIM JENSENDavenport Central, University of Iowa and NFL running back

Jim Jensen (Davenport Central), 1976, 2nd round (No. 40 overall), Dallas Cowboys

Roger Craig Quad-City Times

Roger Craig (Davenport Central), 1983, 2nd round (No. 49 overall), San Francisco 49ers

Pat Angerer AP

Pat Angerer (Bettendorf), 2010, 2nd round (No. 63 overall), Indianapolis Colts

James Jones fights to get past Chicago Bears guard Todd Perry during a 1999 game. Quad-City Times file photo

James Jones (Davenport Central), 1991, 3rd round (No. 57 overall), Cleveland Browns

2000: JAMIE WILLIAMSDavenport Central, Nebraska and NFL tight end

Jamie Williams (Davenport Central), 1983, 3rd round (No. 63 overall), New York Giants

1988: KEN ANDERSONAugustana and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback

Ken Anderson (Augustana College), 1971, 3rd round (No. 67 overall), Cincinnati Bengals

Dennis Nelson (Kewanee Wethersfield), 1969, 3rd round (No. 77 overall), Baltimore Colts

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson, originally from Clinton, is hit by Washington Redskins linebacker Mason Foster during a 2018 game. AP

David Johnson (Clinton), 2015, 3rd round (No. 86 overall), Arizona Cardinals

Jerry Hilgenberg (Wilton), 1954, 4th round (No. 48 overall), Cleveland Browns

Wally Hilgenberg

Wally Hilgenberg (Wilton), 1964, 4th round (No. 48 overall), Detroit Lions; 8th round AFL draft (No. 57 overall), Denver Broncos

Tavian Banks Quad-City Times file photo

Tavian Banks (Bettendorf), 1998, 4th round (No. 101 overall), Jacksonville Jaguars

Sage Rosenfels (Maquoketa), 2001, 4th round (No. 109 overall), Washington Redskins

Kenny Shedd (Davenport West), 1993, 5th round (No. 129 overall), New York Jets

Austin Wheatley (Rock Island), 2000, 5th round (No. 158 overall), New Orleans Saints

Julian Vandervelde  Quad-City Times file photo

Julian Vandervelde (Davenport Central), 2011, 5th round (No. 161 overall), Philadelphia Eagles

Wayne DeSutter (Atkinson, Ill.), 1966, 6th round (No. 87 overall), Detroit Lions; 12th round AFL draft (No. 109 overall), Buffalo Bills

Stanislaw Malizewski (St. Ambrose Academy), 1966, 6th round (No. 95 overall), Baltimore Colts

Dick Forbes (St. Ambrose University), 1951, 7th round (No. 75 overall), San Francisco 49ers

Ken Bowman

Ken Bowman (Rock Island), 1964, 8th round (No. 111 overall), Green Bay Packers; 10th round AFL draft (No. 75 overall), New York Jets

T.J. Rubley (12) played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League in 1998 following brief stints in the NFL with the Rams, Packers and Broncos. His sons are now following in his footsteps as quarterbacks. AP file photo

T.J. Rubley (Davenport West), 1992, 9th round (No. 228 overall), Los Angeles Rams

Adam Lingner  Contributed photo

Adam Lingner (Rock Island Alleman), 1983, 9th round (No. 231 overall), Kansas City Chiefs

Don Carothers (Moline), 1957 10th round (No. 118 overall), Chicago Cardinals

Mike Busch (North Scott), 1990, 10th round (No. 254 overall), Tampa Bay Buccaneers

George “Chili’’ Lenc (East Moline, Augustana College), 1939, 11th round (No. 95 overall), Brooklyn Dodgers

Bob Webb (St. Ambrose University), 1959, 11th round (No. 121 overall), Green Bay Packers

Don Chelf (West Liberty), 1954, 12th round (No. 136 overall), Baltimore Colts

Mark Johnson (Port Byron Riverdale), 12th round (No. 305 overall), Buffalo Bills

Jim Hester (Davenport Central), 1967, 14th round (No. 342 overall), New Orleans Saints

Al Bream (Rock Island), 1969. 14th round (No. 360 overall), Kansas City Chiefs

Clint Westemeyer (Rock Island Alleman, St. Ambrose University), 1958, 16th round (No. 187 overall), Los Angeles Rams

Art Michalik (St. Ambrose University), 1951, 17th round (No. 198 overall), San Francisco 49ers

2005: KENNY PLOENClinton, University of Iowa and Canadian Football League quarterback 

Kenny Ploen (Clinton), 1957, 19th round (No. 222 overall), Cleveland Browns

Loran “Pee Wee’’ Day (Davenport), 1950, 19th round (No. 243 overall), Chicago Cardinals

Gene Dwyer (St. Ambrose University), 1948, 20th round (No. 185 overall), Chicago Cardinals

Joe Collier (Rock Island), 1954, 22nd round (No. 257 overall), New York Giants

Rich Kelnhofer (St. Ambrose University), 1952, 24th round (No. 289 overall), Los Angeles Rams

Joe Bush (St. Ambrose Academy), 1954, 28th round (No. 331 overall), Pittsburgh Steelers

Tony Rotunno (St. Ambrose University), 1947, 29th round (No. 270 overall), Chicago Cardinals

Harry Franck (Davenport), 1946, 30th round (No. 284 overall), Chicago Bears

Players who moved to the Quad-Cities after being drafted:


John Lujack (Bettendorf), 1946, 1st round (No. 4 overall), Chicago Bears

Dick Woodard (Davenport), 1948, 21st round (No. 186 overall), New York Giants