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Sharon Kundel and Debby Wheeler play in the same league on the same golf course on the same day every week.

They don’t even really know each other, but that didn’t keep them from teaming up to make a little history Tuesday.

Kundel and Wheeler both made holes-in-one just a few minutes apart on the 126-yard fifth hole at Indian Bluff Golf Course, achieving a feat that Indian Bluff clubhouse manager Todd Collins said is "nearly unheard of."

"It’s very rare to see multiple holes-in-one on the same day, let alone on the same hole minutes apart," Collins said. "I’ve never seen this before."

The National Hole-in-One Registry said the odds of two amateur players getting aces on the same hole at the same course on the same day are about 17 million to 1. Making it even more unusual is the fact that only 16 percent of holes-in-one are accomplished by women.

The reactions of the two golfers were very different.

Kundel, retired and living in Davenport, has had five previous holes-in-one. She was pretty calm about the whole thing while admitting "it’s still very exciting."

Wheeler, a retired Moline High School physical education teacher, had only a few birdies in her golfing life before she hit a driver off No. 5 and watched as the ball bounced once, rolled up onto the green and abruptly disappeared.

"We were all just standing there watching the ball and everyone said, 'Did that just go in the hole?'" she said. "We all just stood there. None of us has ever had a hole-in-one or even seen one before. We went up there and the ball was in the hole. I was just sort of dumbfounded. Then I began celebrating, of course."

She said the pin on No. 5 normally is situated toward the back of the green, but on Tuesday it was right in the middle and near the front.

"They had a favorable pin placement on No. 5 (Tuesday)," she said. "Let’s put it that way."

Wheeler plays in a weekly nine-hole league at Indian Bluff while Kundel plays in the 18-hole division.

So while Kundel’s ace came a few minutes earlier, Wheeler was already sitting in the clubhouse when someone came in and mentioned there had been another ace in the 18-hole group.

Kundel, who used a 7-iron on her shot, also didn’t know about the other ace until finishing her round.

"I don’t even know the probability of even one person getting a hole-in-one," she said. "I’ve been blessed."

While Kundel has had five previous aces, this was her first since 2012, when she got two of them just four days apart. One of those was at Indian Bluff, and the other was in a domestic abuse benefit at Palmer Hills in Bettendorf. That shot won her $10,000 toward the purchase of a Mitsubishi Spider convertible that she still has.

She also profited from Tuesday’s shot, winning $496 from the hole-in-one kitty at Indian Bluff. Players get into the kitty by paying a dollar at the start of their round. Wheeler didn’t get into it, though.

While Wheeler plays only 18 holes of golf each week — 9 at Indian Bluff on Tuesday and 9 at Saukee on Thursday — Kundel plays a full 18 four or five times a week year-round. She and her husband have a winter home in Florida in addition to a home along the 11th fairway of Emeis Golf Course in Davenport.

"I guess you could say I’m a very addicted golfer," she said.

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