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Kamryn Meyer

School: Durant

Year: Sophomore

Stats: 21-3, 0.90 ERA, 155 2/3 IP, 55 walks, 205 Ks, .162 opponents average; .315 average, 7 doubles, 2 HR, 26 RBIs

Quick hit: Class 2A first team all-stater and RVC All-Elite choice posted best ERA in her class among pitchers with more than 50 innings.

Isabelle True

School: Louisa-Muscatine

Year: Sophomore

Stats: 13-4, 1.85 ERA, 87 IP, 30 walks, 113 Ks, .166 opponents average

Quick hit: Despite pitching with a broken tibia, she led team in wins and earned first team all-SEISC honors. 


Cathy Ralfs (captain)

School: Durant

Year: Senior

Stats: .438 average, 56 hits, 10 doubles, 7 HR, 51 RBIs, .497 on-base pct.

Quick hit: Class 2A first team all-stater and all-tournament selection at state led 33-win and third-place Wildcats in average, homers, RBIs, on base and slugging while not committing an error behind the plate.


Casidy Dondiego

School: Northeast

Year: Junior

Stats: .347 average, 34 runs, 41 hits, 10 doubles, 5 HR, 25 RBIs

Quick hit: All-RVC Elite choice was an all-stater in 3A for second straight year. She was among team leaders in extra-base hits and walks.


Macy Akers

School: West Liberty

Year: Sophomore

Stats: .495 average, 43 runs, 53 hits, 14 doubles, 4 HR, 32 RBIs, 22 walks, 18 SB, .585 on-base pct., .757 slugging

Quick hit: Second team all-state selection in 3A, she led 22-win Comets in average, doubles, homers, walks, on-base percentage and slugging.

Randyn Carter

School: Louisa-Muscatine

Year: Senior

Stats: .459 average, 41 runs, 45 hits, 8 doubles, 10 HRs, 46 RBIs, 20 SB, .551 on-base pct., .847 slugging

Quick hit: A 2A first team all-stater for second straight season, Carter was fifth in her class in home runs and among top 15 in RBIs.

McKenna Michels

School: Bellevue Marquette

Year: Junior

Stats: .458 average, 44 hits, 11 doubles, 8 HR, 34 RBIs, .531 on-base pct., .844 slugging

Quick hit: Earned all-Tri Rivers and second team 1A all-state honors. She tied or led the Mohawks in nine different offensive categories.


Megan Crockett

School: Northeast

Year: Senior

Stats: .452 average, 33 runs, 61 hits, 11 doubles, 6 HR, 32 RBIs, .483 on-base pct., 8 assists

Quick hit: An all-RVC Elite and 3A second team all-stater, right fielder tied for 10th in her class in total hits and led Rebels in average by 81 points.

Kortney Drake

School: Wilton

Year: Sophomore

Stats: .405 average, 27 runs, 47 hits, 2 triples, 17 RBIs, 8 SB, .420 on-base pct.

Quick hit: Selected to third team all-state squad in 2A, team's two-hole hitter paced team in average and hits while striking out only six times.

Ruby Kappeler

School: Durant

Year: Sophomore

Stats: .431 average, 47 runs, 66 hits, 12 doubles, 5 HR, 29 RBIs, 20 SB

Quick hit: Leadoff hitter was all-RVC Elite and second team all-state in 2A. She led Wildcats in extra-base hits and runs. 


Katie Banowetz

School: Calamus-Wheatland

Year: Senior

Stats: .500 average, 36 runs, 52 hits, 9 doubles, 9 HR, 54 RBIs, .584 on-base pct.; 15-4 pitching, 2.56 ERA, 109 1/3 IP, 65 Ks

Quick hit: Class 1A first team all-state and all-Tri Rivers was catalyst behind Warriors' 24-win season and trip to regional final. 

Madi Parson

School: Camanche

Year: Sophomore

Stats: .485 average, 39 runs, 50 hits, 8 doubles, 10 HR, 29 RBIs, .525 on-base pct., .854 slugging

Quick hit: Named to 3A second team all-state squad and all-RVC Elite, catcher fanned only twice in 103 at-bats and was fifth in her class in homers.

Hailey Sanders

School: Louisa-Muscatine

Year: Freshman

Stats: 12-2, 1.28 ERA, 98 2/3 IP, 20 walks, 127 Ks; .370 average, 10 doubles, 5 HRs, 35 RBIs, .680 slugging

Quick hit: All-SEISC choice shared team's top pitching duties but also was big contributor at plate with 18 extra-base hits and second in RBIs. 


Jenna Lawson

Pitcher, so., Durant

Stats: 12-5, 2.03 ERA, 114 IP, 14 walks, 106 Ks

Eliza Noa

Pitcher, jr., Wapello

Stats: 13-10, 2.68 ERA, 151 1/3 IP, 28 walks, 143 Ks

Samantha Pewe

Catcher, jr., Calamus-Wheatland

Stats: .426 average, 36 runs, 43 hits, 13 doubles, 9 HR, 32 RBIs, .535 on-base pct. 

Kaylie Wilhelm

First base, fr., Calamus-Wheatland

Stats: .449 average, 48 hits, 12 doubles, HR, 32 RBIs, .500 on-base pct.

Haylee Lehman

Infield, fr., West Liberty

Stats: .463 average, 46 runs, 56 hits, 6 doubles, 4 triples, 16 RBIs, 40 SB, .508 on-base pct.

Chloe Wells

Infield, 8th, Wilton

Stats: .367 average, 32 runs, 47 hits, 10 doubles, 11 HR, 25 RBIs, .703 slugging

Aubrey Werthmann

Infield, sr., Durant

Stats: .390 average, 36 runs, 48 hits, 9 doubles, 34 RBIs, 15 sacrifices

Marly Bussa

Outfield, jr., Camanche

Stats: .363 average, 37 hits, 10 doubles, 5 HR, 34 RBIs, 12 SB

Maddie Mashek

Outfield, so., Louisa-Muscatine

Stats: .464 average, 46 runs, 45 hits, 10 doubles, 5 HR, 34 RBIs, 12 SB, .523 on-base pct., .722 slugging

Rebecca Schroeder

Outfield, jr., Bellevue

Stats: .410 average, 31 runs, 41 hits, 9 doubles, 3 HR, 29 RBIs

Charlie Hamilton

Utility, sr., Calamus-Wheatland

Stats: .416 average, 42 hits, 6 doubles, 9 HR, 36 RBIs, .743 slugging

Emily Lange

Utility, so., Wilton

Stats: .379 average, 39 hits, 8 doubles, 5 HR, 29 RBIs, .602 slugging

Tarah Wehde

Utility, fr., Camanche

Stats: .430 average, 38 runs, 49 hits, 15 doubles, 7 HR, 25 RBIs, .746 slugging; 8-4, 2.57 ERA, 98 IP, 65 Ks


Bellevue: Kylee Biedermann, sr.; Grace Tath, 8th. Bellevue Marquette: Sunny North, so.; Marissa Schroeder, sr. Calamus-Wheatland: Jenna Diercks, jr.; Grace Elvert, so. Camanche: Abby Stock, so. Central DeWitt: Sara Watson, sr.; Emily Swanson, so.; Mya Cavanagh, so. Durant: Hannah Happ, so.; Mallory Warner, so. Easton Valley: Abby Green, so.; Kennedy Thines, jr. Louisa-Muscatine: Katie Hearn, so.; Katie Koppe, so.; Kylee Sanders, 8th. Maquoketa: Kristin Paysen, sr.; Cassie Ruppert, sr. North Cedar: Alyssa Barnhart, so. Northeast: Jayna Farrell, sr.; Alyssa Livesay, sr.; Bree Mangelsen, fr.; Makenna Donald, fr.; Natalie Spooner, jr. Wapello: Abby Kerr, jr.; Mady Reid, fr.; Samantha Smith, so. West Liberty: Haddie Anderson, sr.; Austyn Cress, fr. Wilton: Amanda Fowler, sr.


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