Editor's note: Northeast alumna Morgan Casey is a freshman on the Iowa State cross country and track teams. She regularly blogs throughout the year.

Midterms, projects, practice, and seemingly endless weeks of school can really wear a person down... but that's why we have spring break. As of Friday when I walked out of my health studies class, my spring break officially began. In high school, aside from the two or three days we got off due to Easter weekend, I never experienced a true spring break. And since I'm not going somewhere tropical I suppose to some it isn't viewed as a true spring break, but I'm pretty darn excited about it nonetheless!

Friday night got off to an exciting start as we watched my long lost sister Betsy Saina take third at NCAA Indoor Nationals. Unfortunately for us, the meet was held in Texas and we had to watch live coverage on ESPN, but maybe Betsy heard us cheering anyway. That same night, Iowa native Hannah Willms competed in the high jump and placed 12th, a solid start for her first season of collegiate track and field. We were also lucky enough to be represented by another event group in Danielle Frere, a Muscatine native, who threw the shot to a 19th place finish. Being represented at nationals by three talented ladies from three different event groups is a great accomplishment, and I am very proud of Betsy, Danielle, and Hannah for not only their tremendous abilities, but their determination and will to succeed.

During our long run, Saturday, my friends and I realized just how quiet Ames is when the college students are away. When you get downtown there are still people out and about, but certainly less of them. And when you get to campus, it's like a ghost town. The only people still around are other student-athletes and the international students. The campus buses aren't even running.

I can't decide if I like the serenity, or if I find the quiet almost eerie. The dorms are much more tolerable when no one else is living in them aside from my friends and me ... no doors slamming, the good shower is always open, and if I want to laugh out loud after 11 p.m. when "quiet hours" start it's OK because the only other people here are being just as obnoxious as myself.

Not having a "community adviser" here is also rather convenient for my friend whose name I should not disclose, who is keeping a live puppy in her dorm room right now. And much to my delight, she asked Katy and I to puppy-sit while she went shopping.

Even though the rule book doesn't agree, her new pal Wheezy is the perfect dorm room pet. He is small, cuddly, quiet, and housebroken (usually).

And technically Wheezy is small enough to fit in an aquarium as the rules state "only pets that can survive in a aquarium are allowed in the residence hall." It may be implied, however it fails to mention that the pet in question must permanently be able to survive in an aquarium.

Because the dining halls are closed over spring break, cereal, sandwiches, and soup are serving as our main food source this week. It hasn't been bad at all living off of these things, yet we were hardly going to turn down a spaghetti dinner with Clint and Bryce, two of the sprinters on the team.

After dinner we watched some movies, the first, "Paranormal Activity 2," being a bit too scary for my liking. But it was still great company and a really fun night. My friends and I were touched that those guys thought of inviting us over, and very appreciative of the meal. My nightmares were not so appreciative of the movie selection, but friends like mine are worth losing a little sleep over. :)

Tonight was yet another team get together. This time in celebration of our teammate, Ines Fischer, getting married! As of this weekend she is now Mrs. Wolf, and we couldn't be happier for her and her new husband. To celebrate we all got together for food, fun, and "Telephone Pictionary."

Emily Meese spent nearly two hours watching YouTube videos on how to make frosting roses for the four tier wedding cake the seniors baked. It looked wonderful, and we had a fabulous evening celebrating and simply being together as a team.

Ines chose a perfect weekend to get married and start this new chapter of her life. Sunny days have returned after a long time gone, outdoor season begins in a week, and the second half of the semester will be over in a blink. I'd say the future is looking pretty good right now. But today is a gift, that's why it is called the present, right? And as good of a present as I have been given, I can't ask for anything more.