For your viewing pleasure - okay, and for our own personal enjoyment - we offer the fearless predictions of eight local media who will cover the Genesis Shootout Saturday at Carver PE Center at Augustana College.

Two points right up top: first, this is purely for fun. It's not like there's eternal world domination or local bragging rights on the line. (Well, they're not BOTH up for grabs.) No one should take the picks personally ... and if any team doesn't like them, well, we love nothing more than being proven wrong. Nothing other than free food, anyhow.

And secondly, we do hope you make time to mosey over to Carver PE for one of the coolest single-day boys basketball events around. Five bucks gets you in all day, and there's always a bevy of highlights and memories that come out of the Illinois-Iowa clash. (If you're out of town or unable to make the event, feel free to check in to the Times' live blog running all day Saturday.)

One of the hidden storylines of the event each year is which state can lay claim to supremacy, and as you'll see from our consensus picks, we think it'll come down to a 3-3 tie entering the Davenport Assumption-Moline nightcap.

No pressure, Iowa ... but five out of eight media, plus our legion of pick ‘em leaguers (still time to sign up!), think you are ripe to retake the crown in 2011.

PARTICIPATING MEDIA and their overall state pick

AARON BRENNER, Quad-City Times (Iowa, 4-3)

DON DOXSIE, Quad-City Times (Illinois, 4-3)

DOUG GREEN, Quad-City Times (Iowa, 6-1)

ANDREW PETERSEN, Quad-City Times (Iowa, 5-2)

THOM CORNELIS, KWQC-TV6 (Illinois, 4-3)


MATT RANDAZZO, WQAD News 8 (Iowa, 4-3)

STEVE TAPPA, Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus (Illinois, 5-2)


Unanimous picks: North Scott, United Township


Riverdale Brenner, Doxsie, Cornelis, Kidwell, Randazzo, Tappa

North Green, Petersen


Galesburg Doxsie, Tappa

PV Brenner, Green, Petersen, Cornelis, Kidwell, Randazzo


Alleman Cornelis

Central Brenner, Doxsie, Green, Petersen, Kidwell, Randazzo, Tappa


Rock Island Brenner, Doxsie, Petersen, Cornelis, Kidwell, Randazzo, Tappa

West Green


Assumption Brenner, Doxsie, Green, Petersen, Cornelis, Kidwell, Randazzo

Moline Tappa