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Quick Bix

Cheryl DeToye poses with her grandaughters, Reese, Emma and Juliana, all of Davenport, after running the Quick Bix.

 Maybe it was their stylish, patriotic costumes but the three DeToye girls hoped to beat Dad to the finish line.

Waiting at the Bix 7 postrace party with their "Nana," Cheryl DeToye, who ran with them, Juliana, 9, Emma, 6, and Reese, 4, were waiting anxiously to find their dad, Brock DeToye, coming off the finish line.

"We were trying to beat their dad. Of course, he was doing the big one," the Davenport grandmother said.

The other four had run the Quick Bix. Donning oversized red, white and blue hats and costumes, Nana safely connected them all with a rope so no one got lost. 

"They've done it before, so they knew what to expect," DeToye said, recalling how the girls "dressed as barrels of fun one year." 

As it turns out, they did beat Dad.

— Jennifer DeWitt