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Damarion Myles, in third grade at Monroe Elementary School, Davenport, shows off his dance moves. The youth now takes classes at Davenport Jun…

Jack Dane, president of the Davenport Kiwanis Club, presents a check on Thursday to start the "Opportunity for All" program in the Davenport C…

Art Tate, superintendent of the Davenport Community School District, led a contingent that accepted $25,000 grant from the Davenport Kiwanis C…

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Deirdre Baker commented on Adventures with Amy

You made me miss the Beetle I traded in, less than a year ago. Bright yellow, and a hardtop, but I loved it! Deirdre

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Deirdre Baker commented on Doctors die ... gently

Note to my blog readers: There's a discussion going on now (March 29) about an event in Bakersfield, Calif. Apparently, an 87-year-old woman in a care center had heart trouble, so 911 was called. A person at her care facility refused to give CPR, even as the 911 operator ordered it.
It …

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Deirdre Baker commented on Call me maybe ... after ER visit

Sorry to be so pokey on this reply ... we have so few visits, I don't remember in my husband's case, but I do remember the pediatrician calling in my daughter's case. That was, as I noted, like 22 years ago!